Council of Thieves Group 1

"The Elopement of the Dowager" Sounds Flat!!!

Thesing Umbero Ulvaud rendition of “The Elopement of the Dowager” was a disaster Last night as one of the horses in the show kicked and injured one of the cast. Thesing’s only comment was “If those Horse Thieves had not taken his horses and made him ruin his voice for the show there would have been no problems.”

Bluehood Asks for Help!!!

Westcrown’s common folk now fear going out at night, for everyone in the city has heard the strange cries of—or lost a pet or loved one to—the creatures of pure darkness that hunt the streets after sundown. However, a masked woman calling herself “Bluehood” offers a reward for any shadow beast killed if the slayers drop its corpse on the garbage stoop outside the tavern across from the old Leroung estate.

Whitechin Strikes Again!!!

A crafty white-bearded goblin named Whitechin living in the ruined part of the city, near the north wall, has staked out a small territory for himself and attracted a number of followers. If left unchecked, his minions and their goblin dogs could start raiding the city or harassing merchant traffic.

Highwaymen are attacking travelers.

Highwaymen are attacking travelers on the roads outside Westcrown. The Lord Mayor has told the people he is working on a solution to this problem, but has not found one yet.


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