Calseinica Nymmis

beautiful rising starlet and somewhat naieve aristocrat-turned-actress


A petite beauty, Calseinica Nymmis is not a trained
actress—she is, instead, a natural talent, something
that many other actors loathe and envy, particularly her
greatest rival, Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa. For her
part, Calseinica is somewhat naive about the realities of the
profession—she simply loves to act and sing, and views the
opportunity to perform as a chance to escape the drudgery
of an aristocrat’s life. Her family has all but disowned her
for this scandalous lifestyle choice, but as her star seems to
be rising, she holds no regrets.
For many years, Calseinica found it difficult to break into
the acting scene. It wasn’t until earlier this very year that
she had her big break—she was serving as an understudy
for Visbaronetess Aulamaxa in a production of the popular
opera The Winter of White Roses. When Aulamaxa was caught
in an accident involving a horse-drawn carriage and a
panicked imp, she spent the production’s premiere in the
care of several priests of Abadar, barely able to walk, and
Calseinica took the stage in her place. When Calseinica’s
portrayal of the domineering, scheming Witch of Roses
took Westcrown’s critics by storm, the director arranged for her
to perform for all of the productions and fired Visbaronetess
Aulamaxa from the part. The Visbaronetess suspects that
Calseinica had something to do with causing her accident,
and for many months her feud and hatred of Calseinica
was both public and unbecoming. For her part, Calseinica
barely noticed, so overwhelmed was she with her sudden
rise to glory. Of course, this only further fanned Aulamaxa’s
jealousy and rage, and when she heard that Robahl was
planning on directing an uncut production of The Six
Trials of Larazod, the bitter diva saw a chance at revenge.


Calseinica Nymmis

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